HomeARETEvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Adoption Of New Media Technologies: A Multi-Generational Comparison

Christian Dez Rey Apique | Christian Gerard Briones | Alvin Ray Cabanday | Noel Dela Peña | Fe Monique Musni-tagaytay

Discipline: Literature, English, Communication Arts



The adoption of new media technologies is a phenomenon that occurs around the globe. The purpose of this study was to bring awareness to the general public about the different methods of adoption by each generation and to see if there are adoption techniques that are common in all the generations.This qualitative study aims to describe the challenges and attitudes of people from different generations to understand and compare the adoption techniques of each generation and if it bleeds through the generational gap. Multiple focus group discussions and indepth interview were conducted. researchers’ notes were also taken as additional data sources. The study found out that adoption of new media technologies comes to an individual’s decision accompanied with other factors such as resources, motivation, determination, and necessity. Motivation, determination, and necessity are most apparent factors in the Baby Boomers generation and Generation X while resources are the most common factor in the Generation y and Z.