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School-based urban legends of Davao City: structure, classification, purpose and values

Chiongson, Janice Joy W.

Discipline: Education, English, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

The Effectivity of the English Intervention Program of Arellano University

Calderon, Maria Teresa F.

Discipline: Education, English

Development and Evaluation of a Teaching Guide in English Plus

Gilbas, Sherill A. | Detera, Tarcela F. | Deri, Ritzelda A. | Remolacio, Ryan D. | Manga, Annabell

Discipline: Education, English

The Nominal, Adjectival, and Adverbial Structures in the Written Compositions of FEU Freshmen

Madriaga, Joventina D. | Alcoberes, Philip Jay N.

Discipline: Education, English

Platonic Undertones in the Love Poems of Ophelia A. Dimalanta

Lopez, Ferdinand

Discipline: Literature, English

Directives: Business Transactions in Philippine English

Cariño, Carissa Anna

Discipline: English, Languages

The Last Day of Billy Dagang Bukid

Dalao, Kristian Abe

Discipline: Literature, English

The Cuts on Her Wrist

Dacanay, Alfonso I.

Discipline: Literature, English

The Way of the Warrior

Lavarias, Bong M.

Discipline: Literature, English

The Rose is a Simile and other Poems

Dumdum Jr., Simeon

Discipline: Literature, English

Rapture, Rage & Ruminations

Rubio, Gerry S.

Discipline: Literature, English

And Home is Not What I Find Each Christmas and other Poems

Chancoco, Jose Jason L.

Discipline: Literature, English

The Northern Lights and other Poems

Schmidt, Bill

Discipline: Literature, English

Dominant Approaches in Teaching English as a Second Language

Gallaron, Joan B.

Discipline: English, Languages

Error Analysis in the Essays Written by Math, Science and Engineering Faculty of Liceo de Cagayan University

Dela Peña, Salvador Iii C.

Discipline: English, Languages

The Implementation of Speak English Policy among Nautical Students of Capitol University: An Evaluation”

Anud, Karen M. | Fronda, Ellen T. | Mallari, Cheryl E. | Nanol, Lovely Monika J. | Oser, Erracel Y. | Sabidor, Romel I.

Discipline: English, Languages

Contextualizing the Teaching of English Grammar in UE-Caloocan

Godinez, Ma. Victoria Z.

Discipline: English, Languages


Balili, Jocelyn B.

Discipline: English, Languages

The Infusion of Critical Thinking into English Language Teaching

Lopez, Marcos Y.

Discipline: English, Education Administration, Languages

Reiterations In ESL Learners’ Academic Papers: Do They Contribute To Lexical Cohesiveness?

Mojica, Leonisa A.

Discipline: Education, English

Motivation and English Attainment: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong Students with Different Cultural Backgrounds

Wong, Ruth Ming Har

Discipline: English, Culture

How Action Research Can Complement Formal Language Teacher Education

Poon, Anita Y.

Discipline: English, Languages

Challenges of Using English as a Medium of Instruction: Pre-service Science Teachers’ Perspective

Othman, Juliana | Mohd Saat, Rohaida

Discipline: Education, English

"What You Think, Feel, and Experience Shape Your Writing:" Cognitive, Affective, and Contextual Processes in ESESL Writing

Gustilo, Leah E.

Discipline: Education, Psychology, English

Assessing Critical Reflection in Asian EFL Students' Portfolios: An Exploratory Study

Lo, Ya-fen

Discipline: Education, English

EFL Teachers and English Language Education in the PRC: Are They the Policy Makers?

Li, Minglin

Discipline: Education, English

Talking mathematics in English

Tan, Kok-eng | Lim, Chap-sam | Chew, Cheng-meng | Kor, Liew-kee

Discipline: Mathematics, Education, English

Grammar Proficiency of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba College Students

Barraquio, Dulce Corazon T.

Discipline: English, Grammar

Language Learning Attitudes of Selected Public and Private Secondary English Teachers

Villanueva Jr., Romulo P. | Batang, Boyet L.

Discipline: Education, English, Languages