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HomeARETEvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

In Search of Feminist Themes Ahead of Time: The Poetries of Veronica Franco and Leona Tolentino

Charisse Pegarro | Fe Monique Musni-tagaytay

Discipline: Literature, English, Communication Arts



Throughout the years, women have been fighting against gender inequality that has existed since the dawn of civilization. Literature is a vehicle for empowerment and by examining the work of women each period in history we are able to see the collective thoughts of women and their significant experiences. This qualitative study aims to examine the work of 16th century Venetian poetess Veronica Franco and 18th century writer Leona Florentino and how their work bears feminist themes during a time where females were given very secondary roles in the society. An in-depth critical analysis of two poems from both authors has been utilized with the use of Gyno criticism as a theoretical lens. The study found that the literary works of Franco and Florentino both bear feminist themes. Although both writers both produced their work in time where feminist movement had not yet been established, their works address and promote issues of women by giving argument against stereotyping, discrimination, oppression, patriarchy and gave personal thoughts to empower women.