HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Teacher Education Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

The Challenges Among Pre-Service Elementary Teachers

Mary Jane B Borja | Arcejie B Ompoc | Karisha Annabel S Temblor | Normanie C Torello



Pre-service teachers training is one of the most important aspects of every teacher’s education curriculum as it prepares student teachers to become qualified teachers in the future (Mark Ulla, 2016). The purpose of this study was to determine the challenges encountered among pre-service elementary teachers of Saint Michael College of Caraga (SMCC), during practice teaching. The teachers, with permission to the owner, used the research instrument for this study, and were administered to 57 respondents. The sample population was composed of 14 males and 43 females. The data were tabulated and analyzed using percentage, weighted means, Person Correlation, and One-way ANOVA and the findings disclosed that the challenges most encountered by the pre service elementary teachers of SMCC were the delivery of instruction while the least encountered was assessment learning. There is a significant difference in the pre-service elementary teachers and the challenges they encountered when grouped according to age and gender. The following recommendations were advised to engage the pre-service elementary teachers in different seminar-workshop that caters with the existing aspect as well as providing them with containing and development in teaching.