HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Teacher Education Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Critical Approach in Teaching English as a Second Language

Jerick D Antigua | Nekki B Arnaiz | John Mark L Bantilo | Alma B Javier | Aprilyn C Megallen



A critical approach to language teaching was a pedagogy in instruction that attempted to analyze the language critically by their culture as to transmit information. Tis study systematically investigated teachers’ critical approach to language teaching which was related to pragmatics and pedagogical level in teaching a critical approach to the English language in specifically in their classroom as a teacher at Saint Michael College of Caraga. The researchers used a descriptive type of research. The researchers concluded that the theory supported on how the 3 aspects provide on the English teachers’ avenue of instructions examined. The profiling does not affect the teachers’ instruction and level of practices are interconnected to the perception of the students. One of the aspects of how English subject and its instruction enacted depends on the actions portrayed by the teacher. It reflects the instruction of the teacher and learning of the students on how his/her thought put into action through the use of the classroom instruction. It was recommended that English teachers should engage seminar and workshops, development programs, group or peer discussions, and most importantly involve continuing education for their personal and professional growth that leads to betterment of their instructions.