HomeMiddle Eastern Journal of Development Managementvol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Towards Efficient and Effective Operations of Wastewater Treatment Plant Through Industrial Revolution 4.0 Asset Management System

Albert Damo | Eduardo Parra Malagapo



The main aim of this thesis is to study the importance of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Asset Management system in a Waste Water Treatment Plant in Abu Dhabi, UAE leading to efficient and effective operations. The Waste Water treatment plant is a large scale utility installation wherein an unplanned down time or an accident will have a huge direct impact towards the employees, the community it serves, the environment and its reputation. Moreover, the financial losses due to accidents and unplanned down times are very high and considerably impact the financial status of the organization. A survey of specific questions related to Industrial Revolution 4.0 Asset Management covering the major topics Planning, Acquisition, Deployment, Management and Retirement of Assets was done amongst professionals who are directly involved in the operation and maintenance of a waste water treatment plant in Abu Dhabi. The survey results were carefully consolidated and analyzed. In the waste water treatment plant wherein safety, efficiency and effectiveness are key, it is highly important to take advantage and put in place the latest approaches and technologies to ensure that the process is always fit to serve its commercial, social and environmental purpose.