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Affiliates: Al-Andalus International School, Al-Khobar Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Reintegration Initiatives of OFW Mechanical Engineers and Management Professionals to the Philippine Mainstream

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra

Towards Efficient and Effective Operations of Wastewater Treatment Plant Through Industrial Revolution 4.0 Asset Management System

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Damo, Albert

The Human Capital: A Total Asset in Building the Whole Filipino Child for the World Tomorrow

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Buhain-Garcia, Danda Crimelda I.

Vision and Mission and Blended Learning System Towards EPM & Associates TNE Middle East Graduate Programs Sustainable Operations

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra

The Anatomy of Construction Project Delays in the State of Qatar

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Acosta, Imee C. | Castillo, Reynaldo B.

Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Employees at Aspire Academy, Qatar

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Arugay, Richelle

Socio-demographic Factors and Entrepreneurial Inclination Among Adolescents: Basis for the Development of an Enhanced Entrepreneurial Program (EEP) for Teenagers

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Caacbay, Zarina A.

Utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology among Leading Construction Companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): Lessons Learned in Project Management

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Uy, Jeffrey | Tubil, Joseph | Parubrub, Cipriano

Impact of Halal Assurance Management System on Halal Products

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Acosta, Imee C. | Alvero, Mary Jane

Am I Weighed or Scaled? Understanding the Lived Experiences of Employees on Salary Scaling

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Acosta, Alexander S.

A Civil Works Construction Project Cost Control System in Saudi Arabia Towards Enhancement of IR 4.0 Project Management

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Panes, Rodel

Assessment of the School Management Services, Parents Initiatives, and Quality Services Towards Customer Satisfaction of PISQ

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Gale, Jinky | Teves, Noel

Towards Sustainable Healthy and Safety Environment of UAE Commercial Malls through Effective Car Park Smoke Management System

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Barrozo, Edgar | Albores, Renario | Celzo, Wilson A.

Strategic Acquisition and Development of Skills Through TESDA Training of OFW in Abu Dhabi

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Al Hosani, Adel Abdulla | Fronda, Santiago | Samonte Jr, Valentin T. | Badr, Yahya Mohamed

Internal Auditors Dilemma of Norkis Group of Companies: Fraud Challenges and Basis for Intervention

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Delarosa, Maria Victoria | Sameñada, Mark Lesther | Abellanosa, Renante

Towards Enhancement of EPM & Associates Graduate School Program for Operational Sustainability Through the Internet of Things

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Bantugan, Abegale | Gamboa, Gerry | Sumilang, Florence | Morales, Jay | Salazar, Manuel Benedict | Bacsafra, Mark Ryan | Mabulay, Robert | Gonzales Jr, Simeon | Calma, Sonny | Sualog, Victor Booths

A Business Development Plan for The Establishment of Filipino International School Overseas in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Ediza, Cecile T.

Self-Reflection on Proficiency and Classroom Management Practices of Secondary School Teachers of Alabat: Basis for Training Development Program

Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Caparros, Mark Gil M.

Correlates of Career Change of Overseas Filipino Professionals

Japos, Genaro V. | Malagapo, Eduardo Parra | Uy, Jeffrey | Mangaya-Ay, Ivy Corazon A.