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Vision and Mission and Blended Learning System Towards EPM & Associates TNE Middle East Graduate Programs Sustainable Operations

Eduardo Parra Malagapo



Learning organizations at current trend should find out a new theoretical framework to sustain their operational sustainability in the field of education (Creemers and Kyriakides, 2006). Two of these conceptual, strategic approaches are the vision and mission and the application of the blended learning system. The study used the descriptive type of research in which the structured survey questionnaires were sent to all the respondents using Google form and the internet to get the data at the soonest time. Since the questions were easily tailored for the respondents to provide their responses on time, the data were received timely, did the analysis. A Likert scale was employed. Statistical tools used average mean, standard deviation, and regression in the data analysis. The result shows that EPM & Associates implemented their vision and mission statement and the blended learning system employing classroom lecture and discussions, online communication, assignments, case studies through individual and group research works, immersions on subjects taught by outside resource persons, on-the-job training on other areas of expertise, and plant visit. In conclusion, the whole enhanced TNE Program was well accepted and successful.