HomeFEU Communication Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2010)

Marketing Principles for Filipino Independent Films

Jaymen Amihan | Gerry Garcia | Arby Mari B. Laraño | Ingrid K. Velasquez | Joeven R. Castro

Discipline: Marketing, Filipino, Media



Hollywood influence, poor film literacy, and high costs of producing and marketing have hindered the growth of Filipino independent films.

But through Digital Technology independent filmmakers are afforded the possibility of creating their own films and the power to protect a crucial aspect of their craft: Keeping their artistic integrity intact. While many hail the advent of independent filmmaking as the savior of the dying art of cinema in the Philippines, independent filmmakers still face a fundamental problem: the near-impossibility of promoting their films in the status quo of mainstream cinema.

Thus, there is a need to find viable means to sustain the independent filmmaking industry. Ironically, the Filipino as an artist has been celebrated throughout the world although he starves in his own country.

The researchers recommend that independent filmmakers target their appropriate market segments and incorporate the principle of sending synergized messages.

This recommendation is anchored on Dynamic Social Impact Theory, Niche Marketing, and Integrated Marketing Communication.