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Improved Integrated Crop Management System of Mungbean (Vigna radiata Linn) Production in Central

Luzon Mary Grace B. Gatan | Menrado T. Gatan



To address low productivity and increase income, studies were conducted to improve the integrated crop management (ICM) of mungbean. Field experiments established using extracts, biocon agents, and varieties under various cropping systems. In rice-mungbean cropping system, Pagasa 19 applied with Vermitea and Carrageenan exhibited lowest CLS and rust infections. Carrageenan-treated plants produced yield, 0.77t/ha vs Control 0.41t/ ha. Under corn-mungbean cropping system, Carrageenan-treated Pagasa 19 had the highest yield of 1.36t/ha. In other trials, CLS infection of Carrageenan-treated Pagasa 19 was reduced by 25.6% and the yield/ha was 62.3% higher than untreated valued at Php 29,400.00/ha. In Pagasa 7, Carrageenan is effective against CLS and rust, and gave the highest yield of 1.37 ton/ha. The Kulabo, whether applied with Carrageenan, Boron or NPV, reduced the CLS infection and increased the yield up to 0.54t/ha. Improved ICM system is vital to reduce loss, improve soil condition, and enhance yield and income.