HomeLPU-Laguna Journal of Arts and Sciencesvol. 3 no. 1 (2018)

Model of Participation in a Filipino Festival

Jerus L Ladanga | Ma. Anja Yvonne N Padrigalan | Gerby Muya



This study discusses the level of participation and perception of San Pablo City, Laguna residents towards the Coconut Festival. The researchers used the Participation Theory of Communication by Paolo Mefalopolus. The study was conducted in San Pablo City, Laguna, where the longest annual festival in Laguna is being held. The communication tools used as sources of information were identified. Moreover, the study aimed at investigating the significant relationship between the socio-demographic profile and other variables and the significant relationship between the level of perception and participation. Lastly, a model of participation was developed using the Structural Equation Modelling to identify the significant variables in the study and the communication tools that the festival organizers should use in order to know what to improve in the future. Results show that the four levels of participation which are Functional, Passive, Participation by Consultation and Empowered Participation are present in the Coconut Festival. Based on the model, Empowered Participation (level 5) is the most prevalent type of participation. The researchers also recommend to the organizers of the festival to use the communication tools that served as predictors from the model to utilize its use in order to disseminate information more successfully to obtain more participants in the festival.