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The Effect of the Dynamic Education Intervention Program in the Fundamentals of English Course

Kagaoan, Anna | Tibayan, Celia | Muya, Gerby | Tenorio, Nelson

Discipline: Education

Communication Tools of E-Commerce: The Case of Lazada

Muya, Gerby | Maala, Mary Grace O. | Novenario, Janneke D.

Communication Competencies in the Early Work Experiences of Communication Graduates in Government Agencies

Muya, Gerby | Manangkil, Kathleen Mariz I. | Pesudas, Maria Nikka M.

Portrayal of Father and Daughter Relationships in Selected Jollibee Television Commercials "

Muya, Gerby | Cruz, Albert | Saludez, Jaezelle

Macoy in the Pages of History: A Multi-Method Approach

Muya, Gerby | Motas, Elaine Dianne C. | Sulla, Maria Elizabeth I.

Influence of Immediate Manager’s Communication Style on Employees’ Work Commitment

Muya, Gerby | Companero, Eunice Angel P. | Lacorte, Ariadna Noreen | Velasquez, Jennica Mae

Model of Participation in a Filipino Festival

Muya, Gerby | Ladanga, Jerus L. | Padrigalan, Ma. Anja Yvonne N.

Traditional and Blended Teaching In An ESL Classroom: A Comparative Study

Muya, Gerby | Arnobit, Carisse C. | Barraquio, Lianne T.

Adoption and Appropriation of Mobile Phones among Rice Farmers of San Juan, Batangas

Muya, Gerby | Silva, Giah Maureen R.

Development and Evaluation of Communication Material to Promote Wood Carving in Paete, Laguna

Muya, Gerby | Castro, Jamila Aileen C. | Martinez, Belen Esther | Mirabuna, Juan Carlo

When Genders are Not Stated Equal: A Textual and Visual Analysis on Selected Grade 1 Textbooks

Muya, Gerby | Jacinto, Shaen Kyle A. | Dimaano, Daniella | Ramos, Sophia Marie


Centeno, Edmund G. | Muya, Gerby | Daya, Romel A.

Mapping the Gendered-Territory in Undergraduate Research: A Systematic Review

Muya, Gerby | de Borja, Joanna Marie | Alba, Simplicio | Medina, Patricia Anne | Gonzales, Edrian | Pesigan, Laarni | Reblando, Kennethe | Valentino, Joanne | Tabing, Deniel | San Juan, Anjo

Discipline: Education