HomeLPU-Laguna Journal of Arts and Sciencesvol. 3 no. 2 (2019)

Development and Evaluation of Communication Material to Promote Wood Carving in Paete, Laguna

Jamila Aileen C Castro | Belen Esther Martinez | Juan Carlo Mirabuna | Gerby Muya



This paper discusses the development and evaluation of a communication material to promote wood carving in Paete, Laguna. The researchers relied their framework on the Uses and Gratifications Theory and utilized ACACIA (attractiveness, comprehensibility, acceptability, self-involvement, and call to action) in the evaluation of the communication material that was produced. The communication material was evaluated with an adapted questionnaire. This paper also tackled about the process that the researchers underwent in order to produce a communication material; from the conceptualization, interviews, actual production, and post-production. The study proved that the communication material produced by the researchers was effective based on the evaluation; the given statements which measured the overall ACACIA aspects of the material reached the agree point scale. The researchers recommend future developers of communication materials such as this to consider the line of work of their target audience; it would be most effective to target audience who already have a history of wood carving, because such then, it would be easier to restore or to rekindle their work and the art of wood carving.