HomeMiddle Eastern Journal of Development Managementvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)

Am I Weighed or Scaled? Understanding the Lived Experiences of Employees on Salary Scaling

Alexander S. Acosta | Eduardo Parra Malagapo



Salary scaling is one of the vital aspects that managements in any form of business, may it be corporate or learning institutions, have to look into to ensure better quality life of their employees. After the result of the first and second salary scaling of the Philippine School Doha, employees had aired out their different emotional reactions, concerns, and issues of which the purpose of this study has focused on. It intends to capture the lived experiences of the select employees of the target locale utilizing phenomenology as its research design. Emerging themes such as grateful, mindful, and rightful attitudes were manifestations of employees’ reactions after the salary scaling that brought a positive impact on their lives. The findings of this study had undergone series of triangulations applying thick bracketing and reduction technique starting from emic to etic transcriptions wherein exhaustion of data was ensured and analyzed from cool to warm analysis via a dendogram. To ensure the trustworthiness of the articulations and verbalizations of the respondents, a member checking procedure was undertaken. Giving the importance of this research study, its implications have brought out changes that are beneficial to both the employees and the management in establishing a harmonious working relationship and in being productive at the work place. When employees feel that their labors are not in vain and their employers have the heart for them, they are motivated to work with less supervision; thus it ensures work productivity but the opposite of which is counterproductive work behavior if they felt unloved, uncared for, and unacknowledged.