HomeMiddle Eastern Journal of Development Managementvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)

Assessment of the School Management Services, Parents Initiatives, and Quality Services Towards Customer Satisfaction of PISQ

Noel Teves | Jinky Gale | Eduardo Parra Malagapo



The global market now days considers education as a marketable service. In response, schools have started to put much attention on the analysis of service quality based on customers’ perspective for sustainable competitive advantage. This research study is aimed at the assessment of the school management services, parents’ initiatives based on the school policies, and the five dimensions of SERVQUAL towards customer satisfaction at PISQ. The study employed the descriptive quantitative type of research through a questionnaire provided to selected respondents consisting of 116 parents and 100 students. Research findings show that the extent of the school management services, the parents’ initiatives in conformance with the school policy as quality service towards customer satisfaction, and the SERVQUAL five-dimensional factors were assessed as strength with little enhancement to do by the school management. The study recommended the school to continue its enhanced marketing strategy, revisit the current policies, and its five dimensions of SERVQUAL to strengthen them and its gaps are remedied. It concludes that the research in the field of service quality in the education industry in the state of Qatar is strongly significant as to the retention of customers and demonstrates the importance of providing service quality in the service sector in general. It is also useful particularly in developing matters of meeting customer’s demands and possibly exceeding them too, resulting in maximized profitability.