HomeMiddle Eastern Journal of Development Managementvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)

Towards Enhancement of EPM & Associates Graduate School Program for Operational Sustainability Through the Internet of Things

Sonny Calma | Victor Booths Sualog | Abegale Bantugan | Florence Sumilang | Manuel Benedict Salazar | Robert Mabulay | Gerry Gamboa | Simeon Gonzales Jr | Mark Ryan Bacsafra | Jay Morales | Eduardo Parra Malagapo



Internet of Things (IoT) is developing rapidly as one of the evolving fields in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This study aims to hypothesize whether the five predictors as digital technologies have a significant effect in enhancing the EPM Graduate School program to sustain its operation in the Middle East. Independent variables used as proposed IoT include Mobile App (IV1), Cloud Computing (IV2), e-Library (IV3), Interactive Website (IV4), and Interactive Smartboard (IV5). Using a quantitative approach, 52 respondents participated in the survey. Respondents were classified into four as follows: (i) 7 experts with Ph.D.; (ii) 12 professionals with Master degree (9 with MBA and 3 with Master in different fields); (iii) 32 professionals who are currently studying (18 MBA and 14 Ph.D.), and (iv) Dean as an expert collaborator. The research conducted multiple regression analyses to evaluate the predictors of EPM program enhancement and found that a regression equation of F (5, 46) = 40.32, p < .001 to be significant, with an R2 of .81. However, the results for individual tests revealed IV2 and IV3, were in the marginal trend towards significant (p > .05), whereas IV1, IV4, and IV5 as significant predictors in enhancing the EPM program.