HomeMiddle Eastern Journal of Development Managementvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)

Correlates of Career Change of Overseas Filipino Professionals

Jeffrey Uy | Genaro V. Japos | Ivy Corazon A Mangaya-Ay | Eduardo Parra Malagapo



Career change is among the most critical decisions in a person’s life. Despite this, there has been a limited understanding of the determinants of career change. This study uses the personal and organizational factors as determinants of career change with aims to describe the socio-demographic characteristics and personality traits of the respondents, determine the extent to which the respondents experience job satisfaction, and find the correlates of career change. As a result, the data reject the null hypotheses and conclude that the demographic characteristics, job satisfaction, and personality traits are statistically correlated with career change. The findings suggest that the more you are satisfied with your job, the higher chance of changing career. In addition, for individuals who have a higher salary and savings, the more they will be financially ready for a career change. Lastly, people with a high level of agreeableness and conscientiousness, the more they tend to change careers.