HomeInternational Social Science Reviewvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)


Rommel P. Laguatan



Science education is a vital element of a country’s progress. Hence, teachers of Science should be equipped with the indispensable skills to be able to effectively contribute to the development of functionally-literate and scientifically-minded citizens. This descriptive-survey research determined the Science teachers’ qualities which served as baseline information in the crafting of a faculty enhancement program. A total of 22 junior high school Science teachers purposively chosen from various public secondary schools of Southern Zambales, Philippines served as respondents of the study. The results of the inquiry indicated that the teachers’ professional knowledge, professional practice, and professional attribute are very evident. The study found out that Science teachers are deficient in conducting their research and sharing the results with their colleagues. The study recommends that teachers could be encouraged to conduct classroom-based research at least annually to solve Science pedagogy problems towards improving the quality of Science teaching in the country. Moreover, research outputs may be disseminated via fora, research colloquia, and/or learning action cells. The developed faculty enhancement program is hereby recommended for implementation and further validation.