HomeInternational Social Science Reviewvol. 2 no. 1 (2020)


Luisa U. Maliao | Mirasol A. Muñez



The main purpose of this study is to establish if peer teaching is a useful instructional intervention to promote shared learning between peers, with learners as peer teacher and peer learner in Alternative Learning System East 1 District specifically in the three sessions of the District ALS Coordinator and two Mobile Teachers. Learners provide as skilled teachers to produce significant learning probability and enhance ability in essay writing with peer learners. Findings revealed a positive result on the use of peer teaching in essay writing as an instructional intervention. The researchers assess the pre-test and the post-test outcome of the learners and identified the definite criterion where the learner finds it difficult to organize in writing an essay. The title of the essay was taken from the lessons discussed in every session. All learners were given thirty- minutes bound to time in writing an essay. On the other hand, the researchers evaluate the learner’s outcome base on the revised rubric. The researchers choose this instructional intervention to help improve and boost the writing skills of the low achiever learner. The researchers use T-Test to evaluate the results of the pre and post-test after using the intervention. The positive effect of this study would facilitate the development of the writing skills in every learner. Repercussion and expectation of peer teaching as a technique in improving learners' capability in writing an essay are discussed.