HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2010)

Marketing Practices for Selected Organically-Grown Vegetables in a Farming Community of Southern Luzon, Philippines

Julieta A. De Los Reyes

Discipline: Marketing



The paper examined the marketing practices for selected organically-grown vegetables in Baras, Rizal and determined their implications for sustained food safety and marketability. Key informant interviews were conducted and primary data were collected through personal interviews of all the members of the KAKASA cooperative in Baras, Rizal. Personal observation of the marketplace was also done. Pretested questionnaires were used during data collection. The study revealed that: the system of producing organic vegetables in Baras, Rizal can be considered leaning more towards marketorientation but still lacking in volume due to absence of steady market; due to low level of consumer knowledge regarding the benefits derived from consuming organic vegetables, the farmers received very little price premium or there is none at all; there is high market potential for organic vegetables grown in Baras, Rizal; and there is a high level of knowledge on organic farming among the farmer-respondents but there is low level of awareness on proper handling of organic products among the traders. There is therefore, a greater tendency for the marketing system not to preserve the organic vegetables, which in the end can also affect their marketability.