HomeCMU Journal of Sciencevol. 24 no. 1 (2020)

A Documentary Analysis of USC Linguistics Faculty Publications from 2006-2017

Rowanne Marie R. Maxilom | Marciana R. Mariñas | Joseleanor M. Magno



This study determined and analyzed the combined unigram and bigram predominant keywords evident in the Linguistics faculty published articles, the journals where the published articles were published, and the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (MAAL) courses that can use the published articles. This study used the documentary analysis in analyzing the 67 published journals of USC Linguistics Faculty from 2006-2017. This study revealed that the predominant keywords are English, Discourse Analysis, and Cebuano Language, while most of the faculty published their journal articles in local journals. Moreover, the Discourse Analysis, Psycholinguistics and Multilingualism with First Language Acquisition and Second Language Acquisition and Semantics and Pragmatics in Intercultural Communication can be used in the courses of MAAL. Consequently, this study provides implications on the gaps of research that had to be filled by including the unexplored research topics in the research agenda of the Department of Communications, Linguistics, and Literature. Linguistics faculty could continue in publishing their research projects, especially in international journals.