vol. 24, no. 1 (2020)
CMU Journal of Science


It is a pleasure to introduce the first issue of the CMUJS Volume 21 which consists of various original research articles in diverse fields of science. This journal is made, through the zealous efforts of the CMUJS Board members, dedicated reviewers, language editors, CMU administrators and other individuals. This issue contains mostly of natural science articles with an additional special article in Disaster science and management. It covers topics such as Suppression of Bacterial Leaf Blight in Rice Plants, Crystallinity of Hydroxyapatite Powders, Carbon Sequestration of Trees, Determination of Water Requirement in Lowland Rice Fields, the Flexural Response of Ferrocement I-Beams and lastly, Managing Local Disasters that passed Through a Challenging Doubleblind peer-review process before publication. The CMUJS publication board commends the effort of the researchers for continually being engaged in research activities. CMUJS will serve as a means of circulating the research findings that will be of practical help to students, teachers, decision-makers, and other researchers through online and forum exchange. Also, CMUJS looks forward to receiving more articles from them and others across the globe for the next incoming issues. May the CMUJS respond appropriately to the pressing publication need. With the support of the different researchers across disciplines, it has thrived for years, and it will continue existing to fulfill its purpose.

Publisher: Central Mindanao University

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Category: CHED Category B |

ISSN 2704-3703 (Online)

ISSN 0116-7847 (Print)

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