HomeHelm and Rudder: School of Maritime Affairs Official Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence Quotient and Academic Performance of 3rd Year BSMT Students of AIMS

Luther Absulio | Earl Dayo | John Lazaro | John Resurreccion | Allen Roxas



This study sought to determine the assessment of Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence Quotient and Academic Performance of BSMT 3rd Year students of Asian Institute of Maritime Studies at Pasay City. A quantitative study was utilized in order to attain the objective of the study with the use of the standardized tests for assessment of Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient. Academic Performance of the students was determined using their grade point average in the previous semester which was obtained from the Registrar's Office. There were twenty (20) students coming from each section: MT 32- Alpha, Bravo and Charlie-one for a total of sixty (60) respondents. Most of them are male and two of them are female. Based on the results of the study, most of respondents have positive perception of their emotions, can manage their own emotions well enough, recognizes and understands other people's emotions and can utilize their emotions effectively. All of these Emotional Intelligence assessment were rated with an average not exceeding below 3.6 with the verbal interpretation -- somewhat agree. -- The results of the IQ test are average; 12 got a score of high average while 48 under the category low average. Most of the respondents got an average Academic Performance with a mean of 83.46. Finally, the researchers concluded that there is no significant relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient as well as Emotional Intelligence and Academic Performance. However, there is a positive significant relationship between Intelligence Quotient and the Academic Performance of the selected students in this study.