vol. 1, no. 1 (2019)
Helm and Rudder: School of Maritime Affairs Official Research Journal


The School of Maritime Affairs (SMA) unveils the maiden issue of "Helm & Rudder", the official research journal of AIMS' School of Maritime Affairs. This journal was borne out of the need to inculcate the relevance of research in the maritime field and is believed to inaugurate in the undergraduate level. Hence, the conceptualization of Helm & Rudder Research Journal.

Publisher: Asian Institute of Maritime Studies

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Leadership Style of Regiment Officers as Motivational Indicator for Student Disciplinary Compliance in AIMS

Kevin L. Calibuso | Patrick S. Hernandez | Earl D.P. Labios | Mark M. Poquiz | Arvin C. Villaluna

Relevance And Extent of Application of Ecdis And Paper Charts as Perceived by Selected Deck Officers: A Comparative Study

Carlos C. Columna Jr. | Gedd M. Fajardo | Rona N. Roxas | James D. Huele | John L. Valencia

Course Performance and Situational Analysis Test in Collision Regulation (DWATCH 224L3) of Third Year BSMT Students

Cris Paras | John Baquerfo | Renzo Ringor | Ralph Dela Cruz | Japhet Cañete

Extent of Racial Discrimination, Degree of Conflict, and Coping Strategies of Selected Filipino Seafarers

Rudolf Reyes | Christian Atijon | Robin Flores | Arnold Cruz | Jofferson Ponteres

Probing the International Operational Status of Bulk Carrier Vessels as Perceived by Selected Manning Agencies of the Philippines

Bon Jovie Tolo | Danielle C. Mañalac | Merlo D. Mostales | Val O. Conde | Mark A. Brimon

Life After Seafaring: Tracing the Status of Selected Seafarers

Nikkithea F. Simon | Rose S. Marquez | Jennard A. Tabilid | Mike M. Villaluna | Allen M. Zabala

Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence Quotient and Academic Performance of 3rd Year BSMT Students of AIMS

Luther Absulio | Earl Dayo | John Lazaro | John Resurreccion | Allen Roxas

Factors Leading to Early Retirement of Selected Filipino Seafarers On Board: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

C. Devis | E. Hiponia | N. Peralta | J. Perez | J. Sacapaño | R. Padunan III

Relevancy of Shipyard Visitation Towards the Retention of Bsname Students at Asian Institute of Maritime Studies

Editho C. Demolde Jr. | Jessa Leona Lanestosa

Present Status of Selected Seafarers in Metro Manila in the Context of Family and Career

Ardee Casimiro | Rigil Azaola | Joel Brezo | Lorenz Lacsento | Leshter Magarro | Jhondle Ramirez

Adequacy of Basic Trainings Provided by Asian Institute of Maritime Studies as Perceived by BSMT Alumni

Jopher Romero | Darwin See | Cristian Manalo | Carlo Magpantay | Jeremiah Zaragosa

Perceived by Themselves and by Their Respective Students

Felipe L. Café Jr | Chris Edrian Alsol | Oliver D. Ola | Jhonnel C. Orillos | Kim Kelvin R. Santos