HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

The Design and Layout of the Dining Area of Q Bar and Restaurant in Paseo de Carmona and its Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Gian S. Vallermosa | Dan Carlo B. Barrozo | Leo Julian I. Perez

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management



This case study focused on evaluating the impact of the design and layout of the dining area of Q Bar and Restaurant on the level of customer satisfaction and the degree of compliance of its design and layout with the set standards prescribed by the food industry.


Using descriptive research and researcher-designed survey questionnaires, the study evaluated the dining area’s décor, lighting, ventilation, color schemes, sounds, aroma, spacing, tables, and chairs of the bar. The respondents consisted of 76 customers and 9 staff members in addition to the three researchers.


Findings showed that Q Bar and Restaurant complied with most of the standards in creating an agreeable design and layout for its dining area. Thus, the researchers recommended that the establishment should continue providing a good design and layout that has been in place for almost two years now. It is also recommended that the bar should do some minor adjustments in lighting, enhance color schemes, increase the seating comfort of customers, and maintain the ample spacing it provides to its customers.