HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Food Safety and Sanitation Practices in the Off-Premise Catering Business: A Case of Infinite Flavors in Almarza 1, Las Piñas

Abegail Joy A. Cabañeros | Dan Albert I. Alcance | Sherazade B. Delos Reyes

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management



The study aimed to determine the food safety and sanitation practices in terms of food receiving, storage, production area, and personal hygiene of the production staff and on transporting of foods of Infinite Flavors Catering Service. The study also determined its compliance on food safety and sanitation set by the literature standards.

The study used the descriptive method of research. Data were obtained using observation checklist and interview guide. The interview guide was answered by the /manager, supervisor, and kitchen staff of the establishment while the observation was done by the researchers themselves.

Results showed that the actual practices on food safety and sanitation of Infinite Flavors Catering Service had an overall rating of very good on food receiving, excellent on food storage, and good in food production. It also showed that Infinte Flavors complied with the standard operating procedures. In addition, the personal hygiene of the kitchen staff has an overall rating of excellent since they were all aware on the proper wearing of uniforms and good grooming. Its food transportation was rated good and it moderately complied with the literature standards. On the other hand, there were some deficiencies in its transporting practices that need improvements.

The study recommended that Infinite Flavors Catering Service should have a thermometer to check and monitor that the proper temperature of its refrigerators and freezers are maintained. It was also to check and monitor the temperature of foods in the food production and in transporting of foods in the event catered site.