HomeAIDE Interdisciplinary Research Journal vol. 1 no. 1 (2022)

Teachers’ Instructional Competences as Influenced by School-Based Management Practices of School Heads




The administrator plays a complex role in an organization, and each role has its corresponding responsibilities. This study aimed to determine the influence of school- based management practices on school heads to the level of teachers’ instructional competencies. The study used the descriptive-correlation research design to describe the level of school-based management practices of school heads and their influence on the teachers’ instructional competencies. Based on the findings, the five dimensions of SBM, such as school leadership, stakeholder participation, school improvement process, school-based resources, and school performance accountability, were Highly Observed among school heads in Kiamba District, Province of Sarangani. Moreover, teachers Often manifest instructional competence relative to their instructional skills, motivational skills, methods/strategies utilization skills, and evaluation utilization skills. Regression results show that teachers; instructional competence is Significantly related to the school heads’ performance accountability. The Regional Office, particularly the Division Office, should enhance SBM practices specifically on school leadership, stakeholders’ participation, school improvement process, and school-based resources by providing principals and teachers with professional development such as leadership training on effective SBM practices; upgrading the knowledge and increase the authority of school committee members on effective SBM practices; involve parents and other local people in the affairs of the school such as putting up school-based management projects and broaden school autonomy specifically on school’s operational, budgetary, programmatic, and instructional decisions.