HomeInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Researchvol. 3 no. 8 (2022)

Organizational Effectiveness Related to Disaster Risk Reduction Management in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines: Perspective from the Academic Leaders

Clarice Lao | Jay R San Pedro | Dennis G. Caballes



Prior to the global health crisis, Taytay, Rizal, Philippines is vulnerable to the different natural disasters and calamities. With this, the re- searchers see the value of investigating disaster risk reduction manage- ment being practiced by the local government unit through the lens of academic leaders. With this, a descriptive research design was im- plored to gather and substantiate the organizational effectiveness with the research niche. The 100 respondents were selected through pur- posive and snow-ball sampling who academic leaders from the various educational institutions within the municipality of Taytay, Rizal, Philip- pines. Based on the findings, it shows that the local government unit of Taytay, Rizal has manifested an effective organizational approach in the implementation of the disaster risk reduction management as per- ceived by the academic leaders. Afterward, the researchers draft an ac- tion plan to further strengthen the disaster risk reduction management plan of the local government unit.