Jay R San Pedro

Affiliates: Office of Research & Development, Information Communication & Technology Academy (iACADEMY), 1203, Philippines

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Organizational Effectiveness Related to Disaster Risk Reduction Management in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines: Perspective from the Academic Leaders

Caballes, Dennis G. | Lao, Clarice | San Pedro, Jay R

Examining the Culture of Excellence (CoE) within a Private Philippine Higher Education Institution amidst of the Global Health Crisis

Caballes, Dennis G. | San Pedro, Jay R | Andaya, Mitch | Buyco, Hamil | Cabo, Danica Chrizzy Ann | Dayrit, Rheal | Duenas, Jean | Espardinez , Weena Jennifer | Ferraro , John Bryan | Oriel, Margery | Sucaldito, Shania Jane | Tan, Benjamin

Understanding the Learner’s Course Completion in the New Normal: Graduation Cohort Analysis

San Pedro, Jay R | Baniago, Jocelyn | Sy, Cecilia

Best Practices Of Impact Assessment Of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) On Advocacy Of Indigenous Communities In The Philippines: A Systematic Literature Review Towards Un Sdg 17

San Pedro, Jay R | Bendicio, Dionnies | Tan, Joshua Erdy

Discipline: social policy

Philippine Private Higher Education Institution Guided Online Autonomous Learning A Response To The Educational Transition In The New Norm

San Pedro, Jay R | Andaya, Mitch | Sy, Cecilia | Cuyson III, Apolinario | Laborte, Marita

Discipline: Education

Assessment Of Library Resources, Services, And Facilities In The Digital Age: Basis For A Development Plan

San Pedro, Jay R | Leonido, Marian | Melchor, Anna Frizelle | Vasquez, Cynthia

Discipline: Education

Converging Perspectives On Predetermined Asynchronous Sessions In A Learning Environment

San Pedro, Jay R | Sy, Cecilia | Laborte, Marita | Cas, Ruth Mary

Discipline: Education