HomeInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Researchvol. 3 no. 8 (2022)

Examining the Culture of Excellence (CoE) within a Private Philippine Higher Education Institution amidst of the Global Health Crisis

Mitch Andaya | Hamil Buyco | Danica Chrizzy Ann Cabo | Rheal Dayrit | Jean Duenas | Weena Jennifer Espardinez | John Bryan Ferraro | Margery Oriel | Jay R San Pedro | Shania Jane Sucaldito | Benjamin Tan | Dennis G. Caballes



Excellence is one of the thriving drives that any Higher Education Insti- tution in Philippines to be attuned regardless of the challenges imposed by the society, especially during the initial phase of the global health crisis. The context of excellence in Higher Education has different van- tage points that have great indicators or manifestations of being excel- lence in different foundational pillars of Higher Education Institutions. With this, the researchers examined the Culture of Excellence among the employees of a Private Philippine Higher Education Institution during the pandemic COVID-19 through a descriptive-correlational re- search design. Thus, the researchers developed and validated a re- search instrument that suited for the intention of the study. The devel- oped research instrument was digitized and floated accordingly. Whereas, respondents were determined through the collaboration of the purposive and stratified sampling techniques. Afterward, the col- lected data was statistically analysed using frequency, percentage, weighted mean, standard deviation, and appropriate correlational anal- ysis. It revealed that the respondents agree that they observed the indi- cators of Culture of Excellence despite of the global health crisis and modality of working. Furthermore, age and educational background were statistically related to their perception towards the Culture of Ex- cellence. Based on these insights, the researchers created a proposed action plan to further harness and strengthen the said culture among the employees of the institution.