HomeArellano University Graduate School Journalvol. 11 no. 1 (2013)

Shapes Of A/The Teacher

Emilie M. Lopez

Discipline: Education



This study uncovered how future and seasoned members of the faculty in the College of Nursing described themselves as teachers in terms of shapes, that is, represented by geometrical, abstract/symbolic and natural/organic shapes. These visual representations in the form of shapes reflected various meanings and perceptions of being a/the teacher. Majority of the GSN students described themselves under the abstract/symbolic classification. On the other hand, faculty members in the College of Nursing compared themselves in the natural/organic shapes. There exists no significant difference and relationship on the description of the respondent’s of themselves as teachers in terms of it’s shape classification and their demographic profile. However, this is not constant to all. Findings showed that when years of teaching experience of a teacher is higher, they would tend to construct than natural geometric and abstract shapes. Similarly, odds ratio result revealed that less than 11 years of teaching experience would mean that less likely that the teachers to have natural shape compared to other shapes. It is most likely that these teachers described themselves of geometric and abstract or symbolic shape.