HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

The Actual General Cleaning Practices of Check-Out Rooms with the General Cleaning Standards of Hotel La Corona De Lipa

Jordan P. Castro | Reymond Jeody B. Macrohon | Kriska Claudette P. Villanueva

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management



Customer loyalty among hotel guests can be attributed to the hotel’s upkeep and cleanliness. Considering that a thoroughly cleaned guest room can potentially attract more customers and create satisfaction, this study focused in accessing the general cleaning practices of Hotel La Corona de Lipa with its general cleaning standards of check-out rooms.

Using the description research method, the study observed and described Hotel La Corona de Lipa’s general cleaning practices in comparison with the hotel’s own standards. It made use of observation checklists with criteria based on the hotel’s own general cleaning standards and informal interview with the team leader of the hotel’s housekeeping department.

The study found out that the actual general cleaning practices when assessed in comparison with the hotel’s set standard for general cleaning is “excellent” with an overall average score of 96.73%. It was, therefore, concluded that the general cleaning practices are within “standard” and generally satisfy the expected results and outcomes stated in the general cleaning standards of the hotel. The time consumed in the general cleaning up to declaration of the check-out

 rooms as ready for occupancy is also at a standard rate.

The study recommended that Hotel la Corona de Lipa should maintain an excellent compliance with its general cleaning standards. It is also recommended that the hotel management should conduct scheduled regular trainings or seminars for the housekeeping staff in order to continuously develop their skills in housekeeping that are within the expected outcomes of general cleaning for check-out rooms. The trainings should also help them to be conscious of small but important details involved in general cleaning standard procedures and its expected cleanliness outcome.