HomePhilippine Journal of Material Science and Nanotechnologyvol. 4 no. 1 (2018)

A Study on the Fabrication of a Solar-Powered and pH-Dependent Microcontroller for Hydroponic Setups

Loran Nicasio | Marc Ritz | Norberto T. Alcantara | Jose Santos Carandang VI | Gil Nonato C. Santos



A 12V solar-powered hydroponics system which auto-regulates its pH was designed and fabricated. The pH can be pre-set to any range and is continuously monitored by a pH probe which is connected to an Arduino-based microcontroller. Deviations from the pre-set pH range were successfully autoregulated by the microcontroller that controlled two peristaltic pumps containing maximum pH and minimum pH solutions. The solution with a pH of 1.10 provides the optimum growth performance. A test involving live seedlings further confirmed the viability of running the hydroponic system solely on solar-generated power.


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