HomeUM Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2009)


Reynaldo C. Castro

Discipline: Development, Business



The study was conducted to trace the contribution of the University of Mindanao(UM) to the manpower development needs of Davao City.  It aimed to determine UM graduates’ share in the total labor force among various sectors in the area. It used the descriptive-survey method in the gathering of data.  Questionnaires were distributed to 560 establishments, grouped into four sectors namely government, industry, service and agriculture.  The distribution and retrieval of the questionnaires took more than three months and were done with the help of UM survey teams with the assistance of selected professional organizations. Profiles of the employed graduates were also requested from the companies which include; positions in the company, highest degree earned, gender, course and year graduated. Results reveal that the government employs the biggest share of UM graduates, followed by the service and industry sectors.  The majority of the these graduates are in the rank and file level, however, a considerable number of them also occupy top management positions.  Graduates of the business administration, accountancy, and engineering programs comprise the bulk of the respondents, though, most of them have not pursued master’s or doctorate degrees.  Majority of the graduates traced are females and are graduates of 2000 and up.