Article List (w/ Development Discipline)

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A discourse analysis of CNN and BBC narratives on “Islamic terrorism” post 9/11: implications on international peacebuilding

Villanueva, Allan V.

Discipline: Peace, Development, Media

The Quality of Researches of a Southeast Asian University as Evaluated by Peer Reviewers

Japos, Genaro V.

Discipline: Development


Castro, Reynaldo C.

Discipline: Development, Business

Drug Education, Prevention, and Control: The SPU Manila Experience

Ramos, Elizabeth

Discipline: Development

The Context of Research Training in the Philippines: Some Key Areas and Their Implications

Calma, Angelito

Discipline: Development

Yardstick: The Status of EFL Research Evaluation in Iran

Sadeghi, Karim

Discipline: Education, Development

Home-School Cooperation in the Changing Context – An Ecological Approach

I-wah, Pang

Discipline: Education, Development

Understanding the Educational Aspirations of Taiwanese Aboriginal Adolescents Based on the Developmental-Contextual Model of Career Development

Wu, Ya-ling | Lou, Shi-jer

Discipline: Education, Development

Development Policies for Muslim Mindanao in the Pre-Martial Law Period (1955-1971): Historical Notes on Their Origin and Implementation

Salgado, Geoffrey G.

Discipline: Development, History

Historical Development of Cavite State University

Sangalang, Ruperto S.

Discipline: Education, Development, Philippine History

The Historiography of Cavite Province in the Context of National History

Churchill, Bernardita Reyes

Discipline: Development, Philippine History

Juan de Santa Cruz and the Establishment of the Spanish Mission of the Mariana Islands during the 17th Century

De Viana, Augusto V.

Discipline: Development, Philippine History

Pacification through Land Redistribution: The Case of Hacienda de Imus, 1900-1913

Escalante, Rene R.

Discipline: Development, History

The Visayas: Islands in the Seas, A Historical Perspective (Series 5)

Cleope, Earl Jude Paul L.

Discipline: Development, Philippine History

Building a Colonial Hill Station: The Genesis of Baguio

Florendo, Maria Nela B.

Discipline: Development, Philippine History

Role of Nongovernment Organizations in Democratizing Development: A Look at the Philippine Case

Lamberte, Exaltacion E.

Discipline: Development, Governance, Social Studies

At the Crossroads of Industrialization: A Peasant Village Reacts to Project Calabarzon

Dasmariñas, Julius O.

Discipline: Social Science, Development, Social Studies