HomeUM Research Journalvol. 8 no. 1 (2011)

Profile and Documented Offenses of Children-In-Conflict with the Law in Davao City

Carmelita B. Chavez

Discipline: Law



The number of children who are involved in the violation of different laws continued to rise at an alarming rate. These children who committed crimes are not only destroying their future but also they become the problems of the community where they belong. It is very imperative that viable solution will be made in order to address this problem. Davao City is not an exemption of this problem, hence, this research. The purpose of this study was to determine the profile and documented offenses of children who were involved in the violation of the law in Davao City. An intervention design was formulated to reduce if not prevent the violation of laws by these children. A descriptive-documentary analysis method of research was used in this study. The data used was obtained from the Women and Children Concern’s Division of the Davao City Police Office. The result showed that 1,018 children in Davao City violated the law in 2006. In addition, theft, use or possession of volatile substances (PD 1619) and violation of curfew on minors were the top three offenses involving children. There was also a significant association between the offenses involving children with their profile.