HomeUM Research Journalvol. 8 no. 1 (2011)

Contingent Valuation of Contributory Variables to the Decision of Davaoeňos in Going Abroad

Adrian M. Tamayo

Discipline: Developmental Studies



The decision to migrate is not the sole function of the prospect migrant, but the process of comparing the losses and benefits as evaluated by the whole members of family. A total of 415 respondents were surveyed in this study to characterize migration potential. Of those who are migration potential, their willingness to pay was obtained which was used as contingent value to migrate. The Tobit regression was also employed to determine the threshold willingness to pay of the respondents. Migration potentials are those who are high-income earners and have high formal education. The migration-averse are those who belong to households with a greater number of members of the family doing remunerative jobs; females are also migration-averse. Contingent migration estimates revealed that religion and household size would make the potential migrant to pay as much as it take to go abroad; however, the highly-educated potential migrants are willing to pay less in order to migrate.