HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 2 no. 1 (2009)

The Effects of Electronic Mail and Chatting on Familial Relationships as Perceived by Selected College Students of Trinity University of Asia

Raphael Vincent Bosano | Kristina Corazon Santos | Ellyne Gabrielle Alvarez | Joshua Israel Balgos | Maribeth Flores

Discipline: Family and Relationships, Media



Electronic mail, a sophisticated technology that delivers messages in a split second, has made turnabouts in the traditional snail mail practice. In the same manner, chatting has made conversations more convenient, easier, and faster. These two are advanced products of technology that provide Filipinos with an accessible means to communicate with their relatives in distant places. These have paved the way to a faster mode of communication among family members, professionals, and ordinary people.


The study used the descriptive method to determine the perceived effects of electronic mail and chatting on familial relationships. Respondents and informants for the study were purposively selected college students of Trinity University of Asia. Results obtained have shown that email and chatting significantly affect familial relationships in a positive manner.