HomeThe Lampvol. 5 no. 1 (2023)

Lived Experience of Mothers Who Gave Birth to Premature Babies

Norbert Lewin Soliven | Rosalinda P. Salustiano

Discipline: Health Science



Aim. This study described the lived experience of mothers by exploring their thoughts, emotions, and concerns related to giving birth, caring for their premature babies as well as their coping with the unique expectations and anxieties of having preterm babies. Method. The researchers used descriptive phenomenology as a philosophical underpinning. Using a purposive sampling design, ten mothers were finally selected as study participants after agreeing to participate. The recorded interviews were transcribed and analyzed using Colaizzi’s method of data analysis. Results. Six major themes were uncovered: 1) bittersweet emotion felt by the mothers; 2) fear arising from the outcome of their pregnancies, and the frail physique of their babies; 3) the center of mothers’ universe emerging from the daily provision of tender care and support for the survival of their babies; 4) transformative power of preterm childbirth for the mothers who realized that becoming a mother is not an easy task; 5) special bond transpired between the mothers and their preterm babies; and 6) accepting as coping came to light as the mothers accepted the condition of their babies as precious gifts from God.