vol. 5, no. 1 (2023)
The Lamp


The Lamp is the official Nursing Research Journal of Arellano University College of Nursing. It is published annually by the AU Research and Publications Department. It features not only results of Institutional and Action Researches undertaken by the faculty and students of the university, but likewise other research related articles and editorial.

Publisher: Arellano University

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ISSN 2094-7917 (Online)

ISSN 2094-6007 (Print)

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Unmasking The Countenance of Fathers with Exceptional Children: A Lifetime Family Dilemma

Joycelyn Reyes | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Childrens Nursing

Understanding the Concept of Usog Among the Aetas of Nabuclod, Pampanga, Philippines

Rudolf Cymorr Kirby Martinez | Augustine Beth Cortez | Vanessa Joy Contreras

Discipline: Community Nursing

Well-Being of Nurses Under a Regimented Organizational Culture

Marlene R. Padua | Remedios Fernando

Discipline: Others in Nursing

Alteration Of Being: Older Widows’ Grieving Experience

Dawn Dela Cruz | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Adult Nursing

Lived Experience of Mothers Who Gave Birth to Premature Babies

Norbert Lewin Soliven | Rosalinda P. Salustiano

Discipline: Health Science

What Lies Beneath Physical Disability: Lived Experiences of Cerebrovascular Accident Left Hemiplegic Patients

Inocensia Marquez | Ma. Isabelita Rogado

Discipline: Learning Disabilities Nursing

“Scarred”: The Lives of Women After Mastectomy

Katherine Joy Castillo | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Adult Nursing

Dancing In The Rain: Lived Experience Of Pregnant Women Who Are HIV Positive

Anggie Pradana Putri | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Health Science

Rainbow After The Rain: Lived Experience of Mothers Who Underwent Hypnobirthing

Siti Nurwahidah Yuniati | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Health Science

Winning the Internal Conflict: A Qualitative Study on Bullying in the Workplace

Walter Jerome Cabale | Marlene R. Padua

Discipline: Mental Health Nursing

“Hope Within Hopelessness”: The Lives of Families Whose Member is on DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Status”

Rushel Berdeguel | Rudolf Cymorr Kirby Martinez

Discipline: Mental Health Nursing

Improved Quality of Life: Lived Experience of Filipino Soldiers with Combat Related Trauma After the Battle of Marawi City

Camille Hernandez | Gretchen Laserna | Manilyn Lin | Ednalyn Angelica Mariñas | Jamie Marie Mercado | Jelly Orque | Sonia Dignadice

Discipline: Mental Health Nursing

A New Self Identity: The Lived Experiences of HIV Positive Advocates

Jobelle Santiago | Ellerica Mae Torre | Jarod Jan Ventura | Junique Ventura | Mika Rose Versoza | Roxanne Mae Yalong | Jhon Willie Ybañez | Bernadine Navalta

Discipline: Environmental and Public Health

Body-Mind-Spirit Approach to Life and Healing: My Personal Narrative About Oncology Nursing

Remedios Fernando

Discipline: Nursing