HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 3 no. 1 (2010)

The Apprehensions of the Third-Year Nursing-Students on their First Hospital Related Learning Experience

Melanie Kathryn R. Salac | Reya Krissy D. Salazar | Sharmain L. Salazar | Katrina Joy A. Secretario | Kresta Zuzette Ann M. See | Lovely Stephanie T. Selda

Discipline: Nursing



The first on-the-field clinical experience of student-nurses is the most anxiety-producing event in their lives. This study aimed to determine the apprehensions of student-nurses on their 1st clinical exposure. The researchers conducted two Focus Group Discussions (FGD) which were participated by 10 randomly selected 3rd year level student-nurses. The first FGD was conducted before the students embark on their first actual clinical experience. The second was held after one

month of actual clinical experience. Three categories were developed from the study, namely; (1) initial clinical apprehension, (2) actual clinical experience, and (3) self-development and maturity. The student-nurses’ apprehensions on their first actual clinical experience were the following: (a) fearful of not being able to perform well in the actual clinical setting, (b) incompetence in the clinical area, and lastly, (c) inability to interact well with clinical instructors. However, all the apprehensions were allayed when the