HomePAPSCU Excellent Academic Research Link (PEARL) Bulletin vol. 3 no. 3 (2023)

Mapping the Gendered-Territory in Undergraduate Research: A Systematic Review

Joanna Marie de Borja | Gerby Muya | Simplicio Alba | Patricia Anne Medina | Edrian Gonzales | Laarni Pesigan | Kennethe Reblando | Joanne Valentino | Deniel Tabing | Anjo San Juan

Discipline: Education



This research study aimed to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of gender equality by focusing on establishing a gendered-territory in undergraduate research at City College of Calamba (CCC). To achieve this, the researchers conducted a systematic review of undergraduate theses in the field of secondary education from the years 2017 to 2022, using the PRISMA framework. In total, there were 93 thesis papers reviewed, but only eight of them met the selection criteria. These eight theses were all characterized by their use of a quantitative-descriptive design, with four employing correlational and four comparative approaches. The primary focus of the majority of these studies was to investigate significant differences in perceptions between respondents when they were grouped by gender. The analysis of the gathered data revealed notable gender disparities and little emphasis on genuine gender issues or problems that affect both men and women as a result of the stereotypes and prejudice on the characteristics, capabilities, and behaviors that limit the understanding and appreciation of the roles of men and women and what they are capable of. Therefore, the researchers found a lack of in-depth research that specifically examined the gender issues and disparities in opportunities, rights, and access to research practices and policies. This lack of relevant theses in relation to gender and equality in the collected data must be considered for future policies and practices