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Marketing Mix Effect on Customer Satisfaction of RJM Milk Tea Supplies-Calamba Laguna Basis for Improvement

Kenneth John Ian S Juguilon | Jethro James M Hernandez | Aaron Klyne M Magsino

Discipline: Marketing



This study was conducted to identify the marketing mix effect on customer satisfaction at RJM Milk Tea Supplies in Calamba, Laguna, as a basis for improvement. By identifying and organizing the elements of your marketing mix, companies can make profitable marketing decisions at all levels. These decisions help the company in terms of: developing strengths and limiting weaknesses; increasing competitiveness and adaptability in the market; and improving profitable collaboration between departments and partners. The main objective of this study is to analyze the marketing mix's effect on customer satisfaction and the improvement of RJM Milk Tea Supplies. They used Purposive sampling in this study to collect data from one hundred and two randomly selected customers of RJM Milk Tea Supplies and were requested to answer a questionnaire to obtain reliable data for this study. Cavite received the most responses, followed by Laguna, and Batangas came in last. The researchers used quantitative methodology to satisfy the objectives of the literature. Results of this study indicate that the marketing mix 4Ps have a significant relationship between customer perception and the marketing mix towards place and product that is less than the 0.05 significance level, which indicates that the correlation coefficients are significant. The place and product have an impact on customer satisfaction. It means that there is a good chance that the findings and results exist between two variables. Results show that there are no significant differences in customer perceptions of the elements of the marketing mix, or 4Ps.


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