HomeDangal Research Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2021)


Nino Z Enguito | Elaine L Genio | Laiza H Lucero | Mary Jane M Perez

Discipline: Marketing



This study was conducted to determine the Marketability of Da Buena’s Handicrafts and focused on creating a marketing plan that will help them enhance the marketability of their products. The researchers provided a self-made survey questionnaire for the respondents in an online format by using Google Forms. Descriptive research method was used in conducting the study which involved gathering of information about the present existing conditions needed in the chosen field of the study. The researchers used purposive sampling method in selecting the respondents of the study. Frequency and Percentage Distribution was used to determine the demographic profile of respondents. Weighted Mean was used to determine the level of marketability of Da Buena’s Handicrafts, and Pearson R Correlation was used in determining the significant relationship between the demographic profile of respondents and the products’ marketability. The result of the study showed that majority of the respondents of Da Buena’s belongs to 24 to 39 years old age bracket which is considered nowadays as Millennials. It also indicates that among the respondents, female customers were dominant over male customers. Most of the respondents were employed and their monthly income ranges from P500 – P5,000. Lastly, the result showed that there is a weak correlation between the demographic profile of respondents and the products’ marketability. In conclusion, the level of marketability of Da Buena’s Handicrafts, based on the findings of the study, it shows that their product is not that marketable enough to earn the desired profit. Therefore, the researchers developed a marketing plan in order to enhance the marketability of Da Buena’s Handicrafts.


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