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Perceived Effectiveness of Teaching Strategies in NCM 101 Lecture for BSN III Nursing Students of Arellano University-Legarda Students’ Research Output

Carmel Angela P. Buado | Myra M. Ambrocio | Lovely Eden O. Antonio | Mark Dennis M. Arellano | David John B. Arriola | Miguel Roberto B. Bantog | Jay D. Bello | Rio L. Benemerito | Marilyn C. Bueno | Janelle B. Bugarin | Maria Monica F. Buhay | Mercedes C. Gamayon

Discipline: Education



Teaching Strategies are the strategies or methods of instruction that include the ways in which the content is transformed into new learning for the students. The content can be transformed directly from the teacher to the student through lecture, demonstration, drill and questioning. There is a wide range of teaching strategies to choose from to suit the subject and the learner’s qualities and attributes. As mentioned by McKeachie (Garcia, 2005), one of the principles of effective teaching and learning is to accommodate the student’s preferred learning style. How quickly and well a student learns depends not only on his intelligence and prior education, but also on the student’s learning style preference. Visual learners gain knowledge best by seeing or reading what you are trying to teach, auditory learners by listening; and tactile or psychomotor learners by doing.