HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 2 no. 2 (2011)

To Cyberspace and Back: Sustaining the Potentials of Pawikan Conservation Center’s Educational Advocacy through Online Presence and Networking

Brian Saludes Bantugan | Princess Rio Canlas | Precious Dado | Rosario De Guzman | Kaycee Garcia

Discipline: Media, Environmental Studies



The study was pursued to create a website for the Pawikan (Marine Turtle) Conservation Center (PCC) in Morong, Bataan, Philippines to sustain its educational operations using enhanced information-education- communication (IEC) materials. Using document (old Information-Education- Communication materials) analysis, online scanning of information on marine turtles, and survey of visitors during the Pawikan Festival, the study was able to enhance existing IEC materials containing the most relevant information on marine turtles online, which resulted to a more effective education of selected visitors coming from 10 secondary schools within the province of Bataan. The documented events and enhanced IEC materials were integrated in a new website serving the purposes of PCC and intended for inclusion in the university website. As a result, PCC's capacity to educate people unable to attend the festival and acquire financial support and the university's capacity to advocate environmentalism and biodiversity from a distance has been enhanced.