Article List (w/ Environmental Studies Discipline)

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To Cyberspace and Back: Sustaining the Potentials of Pawikan Conservation Center’s Educational Advocacy through Online Presence and Networking

Bantugan, Brian S. | Canlas, Princess Rio | Dado, Precious | De Guzman, Rosario | Garcia, Kaycee

Discipline: Media, Environmental Studies

The Impacts of Livestock Carbon Footprint Mitigation and Adaptation in Salikneta, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Banaguas, Glenn S. | Lorica, Dane Agatha

Discipline: Chemistry, Environmental Studies

The Impacts of Sustainable Low Carbon Transport Academic Community

Banaguas, Glenn S. | Lacad, Rosanna | Dalmacio, Patrick | Pangilinan, Analiza | Francisco, Nicholo | Cuesta, Keeshia

Discipline: Environmental Studies

Low Carbon Diet Solid Waste Stratagem

Banaguas, Glenn S. | Magtaan, Regina

Discipline: Environmental Studies

The Impacts of Climate Change on the Indigenous People: DUMAGATS

Salva, Abigail | Banaguas, Glenn S. | Santos, Catherine | Santos, Trisha | Lobrio, Kevin | Estrella, Sherome | Sioson, Zendrik Zean | Nuestro, Glenn

Discipline: Environmental Studies

Towards a Framework for Enhancing Protected Area Management

Reyes, Donna Paz T.

Discipline: Environmental Studies

Guided Inquiry Approach: A Model of Integrating Environmental Education in Social Studies

Lumbre, Ma. Concepcion B.

Discipline: Environmental Studies

Environmental Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Miriam College Students and their Footprint

Cabrido, Avelinda A.

Discipline: Environmental Studies

An Inter Community Interaction: Growth of Sea Grass Enhalus Acroides and Sediment Microbial Density in Talin Bay (Philippines)

Pinto, M. L. | Cuenca, B.d.

Discipline: Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Applied Sciences

Enhancing the Curriculum in Urban Planning on Architectural Components of Solid Waste Management

Canare, Jefferson L.

Discipline: Environmental Studies