HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 2 no. 3 (2012)

 Facebook as an Effective Marketing Tool

Noel C. Casquite

Discipline: Marketing, Business



The study employed descriptive and quantitative methodology to evaluate the efficacy of Facebook as a marketing tool among 100 consumer-respondents selected through purposive sampling. The scholastic investigation used the questionnaire as its main research instrument. The research was tailored after the media dependency theory as its theoretical framework. Data collected were described using frequency distribution, mean, and simple ranking. The mean was qualitatively interpreted with the aid of a Likert scale and researcher-constructed statistical limits. The hypothesis of the study was tested using chi-square analysis based on a 0.05 level of significance. 


Findings revealed that the consumer-respondents are predominantly younger females who are either college students, reached the college level or are degree holders, and have an average family income of less than PhP 20,001. Results also showed that as a marketing tool, as provider of relevant consumer information, as a forum for closing sales or business deals, and as a medium of advertisement, Facebook is moderately accepted by the respondents. Moreover, Facebook is highly accepted on account of the business/ consumer-related benefits derived from it. However, grounded on the findings from the chi-square analysis, the respondents significantly differed in their extent of acceptance of Facebook along all the variables considered in the inferential analysis. Based on the great potential of Facebook as a marketing tool for business, it was highly recommended that organizations, particularly small businesses that have not optimized their online profitability prospects, seriously consider polishing their strategies to enhance their Internet presence, particularly in Facebook and other social networking sites.