HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 2 no. 1 (2011)

Student Organizations of LPU: Assessing their Performance Towards the Attainment of Institutional Goals

Reynalda B. Garcia | Bernardo E. Bay Jr.

Discipline: Education



This study assessed the performance of student organizations of the Lyceum of the Philippines University in terms of organization’s objectives, operations, and outputs/achievements, and to determine how student organizations contributed to the development of the institutional goals. Participants of study were the active members and the advisers of all recognized student organizations for the school year 2006-2010. The research used the descriptive method of research with triangular approach where empirical data was supported with qualitative analysis and interviews with student organization members and advisers. The data were treated using weighted mean, ranking and t-test. Results revealed that LPU student organizations provide activities which contribute to the academic, socio-cultural, cognitive and personal development of the students, thus, student organizations play an important role in attaining the identified institutional goals. A student organization development program is proposed which focused on the organizational needs and assessment to help realize institutional goals.