HomeADDU-SAS Graduate School Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2009)

Developing a database resource utilization monitoring system in an Oracle client-server environment

Bren Edward Chua

Discipline: Information Technology



Information is power and the lack of it means failure for companies to effectively serve their customers and attain their organizational goals. In today’s age, information is most likely stored in relational databases

to provide in-demand real-time access to it. However, the inefficient use of these databases can translate to tangible and intangible losses to the company such as unsatisfactory customer service delays and account inconsistencies. It is in this context that the proponent is inspired to develop a monitoring system that can monitor database resource usage by client applications in an Oracle client-server environment. This monitoring system can identify top resource- hungry client applications and issue alerts to database administrators.

With the implementation of this database resource utilization monitoring system, system developers and IT managers can now be aware of the performance of applications in the production databases. They can now proactively enhance their applications to efficiently use Oracle databases, by adding various applications and database tweaks to fetch and compute required information faster. This monitoring system can also ease the burden of database administrators by automating most of their routine tasks (such as monitoring locked sessions, disk utilization, network traffic, and CPU utilization), as well as provide measures to optimize the database, preventing server downtimes and malfunctions.